Chrome update brings 64-bit for Windows, offers security and speed

Lewis Leong


We knew a 64-bit version of Google Chrome for Windows was coming and now it’s finally here. This version promises fewer crashes, better performance and security. The 64-bit architecture allows Chrome to utilize modern hardware to its full potential.

According to Will Harris, a software engineer at Google, Chrome 64-bit offers a 15% improvement in video decoding performance. This means high definition YouTube videos will play smoother.

Chrome update brings 64-bit for Windows, offers security and speed

One of the biggest advantages of the 64-bit architecture is its stability, though I have managed to crash the browser already.

Chrome 64-bit about pageFor now, Chrome 64-bit is opt-in only, meaning you’ll have to manually download it. Google is not forcing Chrome users to upgrade to the new version yet. And don’t worry, Google will continue supporting the normal 32-bit version “for the foreseeable future.”

Before you upgrade, you should know that Chrome 64-bit doesn’t support 32-bit plugins. This shouldn’t be a problem as plugins like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight offer 64-bit versions. Sites like YouTube and Netflix worked fine for me after upgrading.

To try out Chrome 64-bit yourself, click on the download link here. Be sure to close Chrome before installing to avoid any conflicts.

Mac users still don’t have a 64-bit version of Chrome yet but Google is working on it.

Source: The Chromium Blog

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