Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows is almost ready

Lewis Leong


Windows can try out the latest beta for 64-bit Chrome. The browser has been in development for a while, but is now stable enough for a beta release.

The browser offers three key advantages over the 32-bit version we’re using today: speed, security and stability. 64-bit software can utilize modern processors more effectively and Google claims you’ll see a performance increase of 25% on average.

Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows is almost ready

The 64-bit version of Chrome is also more stable, claiming half as many crashes as the 32-bit version. Security is also increased by allowing the browser to use a randomization security technique that makes targeting key parts of the browser difficult.

Windows 7 and 8 users can try out the Chrome 64-bit beta without replacing their current installation of Chrome. The installer will also import your settings and bookmarks. Get it below.


Google Chrome 64-bit beta for Windows 7 and 8

Source: Chrome Releases

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