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Google Chrome (64-bit)

Google Chrome (64-bit)72.0.3626.119

The quickest, smartest browser

Google Chrome is Google's web browser. With it, you can open web applications and games with no hassle and, above all, quickly. It's the main alternative to Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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  • Salam Jessore

    by Salam Jessore

    I recommend it because it is so fast!I always filling lucky with it.It is so easy to bookmarked & other activities.

  • by haifeng zhang

    一直在使用Google Chrome,非常快;兼容性很好。页面非常简洁,非常喜欢。 很喜欢感受Google的最新功能。所以想下载。

  • Srinivasarao Dekka

    by Srinivasarao Dekka

    it is very fast then others and not affected by any virus and time save

  • by yue xiong

    good app . i use it seven years......................................................................

  • Brahm prakash

    by Brahm prakash

    good app the internet speed is very good. you can easily find anyway

  • Rica Rose Albia

    by Rica Rose Albia

    so awesome to use this google account so helpful and thankful. I hope someday all can help tis application special who really need this app.

  • Prudent Tsegay

    by Prudent Tsegay

    it is very good to see this kind of understanding. thank you so much

  • Amar Sharma

    by Amar Sharma

    chrome is the best side. ..................................... ................................. ......................

  • Manoj Kumar

    by Manoj Kumar

    fast browser. and i feel safe and best browser for me. and very easy in operate

  • M.R. MAMUN

    by M.R. MAMUN

    Google Chrome is so nice browser, I like this performance and I am happy.

  • Carl-Abu'Bakar Oyakhamoh

    by Carl-Abu'Bakar Oyakhamoh

    Great app and highly recommended for online workers. I have been using it for years and found it superb.

  • RW Melton

    by RW Melton

    Google Chrome is so beautiful and snazzy looking. And so fast. Thank you Thank you so very much

  • by Anonymous

    it works great. good app i would recommend it to everyone. opens up every window or link i click on. Pros: speed of browser. Cons: pop ups

  • Sardar Junaid

    by Sardar Junaid

    google chrome is a best so i love google. google Chrome 64+-bit is a good I like allway google chrome I love google

  • by Anonymous

    best browser. It is very better for serching any thing on the internet. I Used only Google Chrome.

  • by Anonymous

    best runner . Best chrome runner in internet browsing for any rnner browser. Pros: speed. Cons: version

  • by Anonymous

    ANYONE CAN RELY UPON GOOGLE CHROME FOR GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION NEEDED .. As far as i know i am using google chrome browser only for the last 5 years for searching any matter including addresses , university applications and even the latest electoral rolls 2016 for verifying our names in the electoral rolls. Although i am having opera, mozilla firefox,and internet explorer i often use google chMore

  • by Anonymous


  • by Anonymous

    the flash player sucks-browser is good!!. I ALSO AGREE-fix the flash player from crashing every time you try to open something!!!

  • by Anonymous

    superb. all in one access to the informatation technology. give imformation to improve high technolgy. Pros: everything you need to kno in chrome. Cons: i think nothing to improve

  • by Anonymous

    what. its just superb browser then other but plzzzzzzz fix the problem of shokewave plugin.

  • by Anonymous

    Google Chrome Download . Google Chrome Download :

  • by Anonymous

    i like this. Wow smartest browser in the whole world.i like this version. Pros: Safe and Fastest browser. Smart browser. No viruses

  • by Anonymous

    Exellent. I don´t know jet, I hope it will be good, Very good. I will try it over and over again. Pros: snabbhet. korrekt. Cons: I don´t know

  • by Anonymous

    Chrome is king of browser and Mozilla sucks.. Best browser in the market available. Too much fast and have no bug. Everything perfect. Mozilla sucks.

  • by Anonymous

    Its very slow it browses very slow.. Its very slow. I dont like please make it fast for browsing.

  • by Anonymous

    Google Chrome is the best browser yet!. I love Chrome or google/chrome, Which ever way you go it has you covered!

  • by Anonymous

    supper . very easy to use,fast,no glitches,used it ever sins i got a PC.

  • by Anonymous

    Not compatible with a lot of the web's content within a month.. Version 42 will block access to facebook video, google earth, google voice and java content across all websites with the removal of key features. Not worth the download!

  • by Anonymous

    Speed up. Its good but too slow.Though this browser "Google Chrome" is a good and safe browser after Firefox, but its too slow. Specially when I go for something to download. chrome just need to be speed up in service...specially in country like Bangladesh . Pros: I like Mozilla firefox most. Cons: Chrome just need to be speed up in service...specially in country like Bangladesh .